Walking dogs on trails

Walking dogs on Karkloof Trails

Unleashing your dog at a local trail or park can seem harmless.  You’re just trying to offer your dog a way to exercise and experience some freedom –  you’re a dog lover, we get it.  However by unleashing while on the trails you’re potentially causing a number of issues.

Why walking with an unleashed dog could be hazardous?

People could be intimidated.  Not everyone is a dog lover, and even if they are – it can be scary to have an unknown dog running full speed at you. Whether you are a person who is not familiar with dogs, a child who may not know how to interact with a dog, or an elderly person who is not adept at moving as fast as your dog, it can be intimidating when a dog is off a leash.

It could be harmful to the environment.  Those beautiful places you love to hike and escape?  There is the potential that your dog could cause damage to sensitive areas of flora and potentially pose a threat to other animals.

It puts you at liability.  South African law states that you need to have your dog on a leash when in public. It is always best to be on the right side of the law.

It puts the health and well being of your dog at risk.  Dogs regardless of how well trained can make mistakes.  Approaching a threatened dog, running into traffic and the possibility of altercations with wildlife could be harmful to your pet’s wellbeing

It is considered good etiquette to keep both dogs and people safe on the trails. Please help us to do this by walking your dogs on a leash.