Message from Sappi

At Sappi we are inspired… by your love of the outdoors; your commitment to mountain biking and your desire to live a healthy active life.

Picturesque landscapes and rolling hillsides make the Midlands Meander one of the premier eco- and nature-based tourism destinations in South Africa. Outdoor enthusiasts are spoilt for choice! The popularity of mountain biking has made it one of the key attractions in the area and Sappi are proud to play an active role in facilitating the development of safe and enjoyable trails across our plantations in the Howick area and the Karkloof valley.

This exciting initiative has brought together many passionate stakeholders and partners. Our involvement in events such as the Karkloof Classic has provided clear evidence that mountain bikers fill beds, restaurants and support many of the other businesses that have a stake in tourism. Over the past year Sappi has supported the Karkloof Mountain Bike Club in its efforts to formalise year-round access to the trails for recreational riders. Of course this would not have been possible were it not for the advice and services provided by the African Mountain Biking Association (Amarider). Sappi hopes to see guests to the Midlands Meander support the Karkloof trails and embrace this opportunity to enjoy such an exciting lifestyle activity. The same applies to facilities such as the Karkloof Crane and Conservation Centre (a mere two kilometres from the Karkloof Country Club) which was funded through SappiWWF TreeRoutes Partnership. In addition to being a tourism attraction and fantastic place to see all three of South Africa’s crane species from superbly appointed bird hides, the centre has provided a valuable educational facility for hundreds of school children over the past few years.

Our trees are our livelihood – we grow them with pride so they can be used in making innovative paper and packaging solutions, and cellulose products that are used in fashion clothing, household and pharmaceutical products. Not only do our plantations supply a renewable woodfibre source for Sappi’s quality products, and are enjoyed by mountain bikers, trail runners, hikers and birders alike, but our trees are also good for the planet – they take in carbon dioxide, and breathe out life-giving oxygen as they grow.

Our plantations are also home to a multitude of diverse species – please watch out for them!

Many of our own team are also mountain bikers who are lucky to live close to trail networks such as those in Howick and the Karkloof. We look forward to meeting you on the trail some time!

Inspired by you…  Inspired by life