About the Club

Sappi’s wide-spread plantations, coupled with the vision and dedication of passionate local mountain biking enthusiasts, have resulted in a world-class trail network which is now accessible to recreational riders year round.

All routes start and finish at the Karkloof Country Club where additional facilities include safe parking and hot showers – everything you need to enjoy a great mountain biking experience! There are plans to introduce a coffee shop and restaurant which will be open Friday night, Saturday breakfast/lunch/supper and Sunday breakfast/lunch.

In an effort to make the area safer and more enjoyable for recreational riders, the Karkloof Mountain Biking Club has implemented the International Mountain Biking Association trail-grading standards across the entire trail network. There are marked and mapped routes ranging from a very easy 10 kilometres and an easy 20 kilometres to a moderately challenging 30-kilometre route.

Once riders become more familiar with the trails, they are then also able to connect to other sections, referred to as outback trails, which do not form part of the marked and regularly maintained trails, but allow riders to create longer routes and enjoy more variety.

AMA Rider Affiliation

The African Mountain Bike Association (AMA Rider) is the longest-standing South African affiliate of the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA). AMA Rider has been assisting the Karkloof Mountain Bike Club in aligning their trail building and management with the best practices and standards endorsed by IMBA. This includes grading and the signage erected on trails, as well as other key aspects such as ongoing maintenance and liability issues, thereby ensuring that the trails are both safe and enjoyable throughout the year.

Contact: Meurant Botha
Email: trails@amarider.co.za
Cell: 021 884 4547
Website: www.amarider.co.za

Directions to the Club